Our Development Programs


In collaboration with other departments at HCN such as Marketing and Finance, The Business Development Department at HCN strives to enhance and maximize strategic business positioning for its clients through a variety of advisory services that incorporates facets of multiple interdisciplinary fields.

In an effort to maximize census optimization opportunities for HCN clients, the department provides ongoing analytics of a variety of census and data trends. These include but are not limited to asset performance trending by traditional metrics such as overall census and payor source census trends but also, analytics covering clinical and cost measures.  The department’s clinical data analysis is critical for providing assistance to clients with evaluating newly emerging Alternative Payment Models opportunities, such as participation in Accountable Care Organizations and Bundled Payment Initiatives.

Beyond just data analytics, the department offers sales and business development training to its client members for their local, regional and management staff. These training services include all types of sales development training, grounded not only in traditional business development tactics and strategies but nuanced for the long term care industry and the specific markets within which the client is operating.

On a project initiation basis, the department provides advice to its clients on maximizing proprietary business development initiatives with both existing and potential local strategic partners. Such projects could include collaborations with referral sources of all types, partnership with entities in local market niches for enhancing a continuum of care element and also, projects involving ground-up ancillary business development. The strategic input to clients would be from idea development, assessment, implementation advice and culminating with evaluation & ongoing assessment and monitoring of the initiative.

The department provides additional business development advisory services. These include strategic advice on Managed Care Plan evaluation for client contracting purposes as well as providing assistance with a full spectrum of due diligence services for potential acquisitions by clients.


The marketing department at Health Care Navigator is a nimble and agile group consisting of four full time employees who specialize in creating and enhancing brand equity for HCN’s affiliate groups. We are a full-service, in-house shop that is equipped to handle all the marketing, advertising, and promotional needs of our “clients.”

From concept to completion, our work is geared toward maximizing the awareness of the brands that we oversee and keeping our clients “top of mind” among their distinct target audience. We cover a wide spectrum of media that reaches audiences ranging from national, “corporate-based” initiatives to a more local “facility-specific” project.  The specialists on our team possess a unique blend of skills that allows us to focus on every media type including:

  • Print
  • Digital (web, social media, mobile, apps, etc)
  • Television/radio
  • Collateral/fulfillment
  • Promotional
  • Events & Experiential

Working closely with a select network of highly respected, national vendors, we leverage our scale to generate meaningful savings for our affiliate groups. In essence, the cumulative sum of our affiliate groups affords us the ability to maximize reach and quality at a minimal cost. Additionally, our affiliate groups have availed themselves of our services for a variety of projects that, if done at an outside agency, would have cost millions of dollars. This includes everything from initial brand building and rebrands to campaign creation and the regular media buys that we oversee and place, acting as “agency of record” on behalf of our affiliate groups.

We are constantly looking for ways to expand and enhance our offering by staying abreast of the work that our competitors produce and by innovating new ways to approach our target audience to gain share of heart and mind. This includes a variety of census-building initiatives that more closely resemble sales platforms than traditional marketing and advertising programming, along with various projects that are designed to enhance the admissions process from the identification of a prospect to the moment when that prospect is admitted to one of our buildings.

Our objective is to use our experience, perspective, and best practices across the affiliate groups and industry-wide, to create meaningful, memorable work that is as effective as it is efficient.



The Apricity Resources accounts payable department processes and pays vendor invoices and employee expense reimbursements, disbursing funds via the printing and mailing of checks, ACH, and credit card payments.  Accounts payable focuses on ensuring timely payments to vendors and pursuing discounts and refunds where possible, while monitoring invoices for potential scams or fraud. The department’s goal is to continually improve the efficiency of payment processing while providing superior customer service and improved visibility into the AP process for its customers.