Our Services

Financial Services


In the present era, where the business needs are ever-changing, regulations and developing markets have become all the more challenging. Financial reporting is more and more becoming part of the tactical partnerships that companies use to efficiently minimize monetary risk and administer their payments, various resources, and operations elegantly and competently.  As financial stakes increase and decisions become more complex, it’s imperative that solutions succeed as planned the first time. Sound, insightful guidance from experienced treasury experts has never been more valuable.

At Apricity, we appreciate that financial reporting is a critical domain of a company and holds extremely confidential data. Therefore, we believe in devising processes that add value to the company, aid in increasing operational efficiency, reduce overall funding and decrease turnaround time of various processes. By leveraging long term care industry expertise and the use of technology-driven solutions, our financial reporting solutions concentrate on the impact, deliver superior working capital, improved cash forecasting, lesser risk, and tighter observance. Our aptitude to gaze deep into processes, mark the gaps, and perk up performance sets us apart and creates client trust.

Apricity Financial Services provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Financial Reporting to all Stakeholders
  • Development and Oversight of Key Operating Metrics
  • Investor, Lender and Bank Relationship Management
  • Lender Audit Coordination


Apricity Resources’ billing support center specializes in the billing and collections of claims for Skilled Nursing Facilities.  By leveraging the benefits provided from a centrally located, highly trained staff, Apricity can improve cash flow through a reduction in claims processing time, rejections, and denials.

Along with filing the majority of third party claims directly, the billing center supports field based office personnel located within the SNF.  This collaboration offers the benefits of both an efficient back office process and the local, personal touch needed with patients and their families.

Apricity also provides all necessary AR software program support for those systems used within the billing process.  These support services include software configuration, maintenance, and training.


Apricity provides a full service payroll function for over xxx employees, making biweekly payments via direct deposit, pay cards, and live checks.  The department performs all services traditionally associated with payroll, including calculating and remitting taxes and court ordered wage garnishments while ensuring compliance with Affordable Care Act requirements.  Apricity’s payroll services also provide ongoing software system and process training and support to end users in the skilled nursing facilities allowing for a cost effective method of process standardization across an enterprise.  Additional center level support is also delivered with payroll analytics and ongoing monitoring for potential discrepancies, abnormalities, or fraud.

Human Resource Services


The Human Resources and Benefits Administration Services department provides guidance and support in the areas of employee relations, compliance, benefits administration, compensation planning and training and development. We assist in the development of policies and practices which are in alignment with the overall business strategy and organizational goals.

Human Resources

  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Training and Development
  • Best practice and policy
  • Compliance with federal and state employment and labor laws


Benefits Administration

  • Evaluation of plan design and costs
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Compensation plan development


At Apricity, we understand that our clients, particularly in the healthcare field, need leading cost effective resources to continue attracting the most qualified applicants for consideration. While our clients continue doing what they do best, we work relentlessly sourcing the most suitable talent for their staffing needs.

The recruiting services is a full-service, in-house recruitment department designed to offer full talent acquisition support to our customers within Long Term Care, Post-Acute Care, Hospice, and Therapy & Rehabilitation.

Apricity Recruiting Services offers many advantages exclusively to its customer base.  Our clients believe in providing the very best and safest service to their residence/patients.  In order to achieve this goal, we must attract the very best people for all corporate locations (executive/management through office support) and facilities nationwide.

Apricity Recruiting Services provide expertise in the following areas:

  • National full cycle recruitment for all levels of positions including direct hire, temp-to-perm, contract and per diem placement
  • Analysis of recruitment strategies, resources and advertising expenses
  • Significantly reduce outside agency costs
  • Process improvement and efficiency (decreasing both external and internal labor costs)
  • Negotiate and secure “best pricing” for 3rd party vendors/advertising contracts
  • Strategic Staff Development
  • Project Management Support (i.e. ATS, Onboarding, Background & Drug Screening)


We continue to leverage our strong customer base in order to identify and partner with the very best resources and technology.  This ensures that we will continue to provide our clients with the most qualified applicants for consideration while being both cost effective and efficient through their respected hiring/on-boarding process.

Technology Services


HCN IT understands that you need an engaged IT partner to ensure that you can achieve your strategic goals and improve your operations.  Our team of professionals will provide stable, scale-able and high performing systems and solutions focused solely on empowering you and your team.



  • Provides extensive cross-industry experience to build robust, reliable, high-performing systems.
  • Focuses on delivering customized solutions to drive business goals and improve efficiency of operations.
  • Provides the industry knowledge, vendor relationships and proven platforms so you can focus on patient care.
  • Operationalizes IT costs, simplifies budgeting, and reduces spend



  • Provides IT Support 24 x 7 that is responsive, reliable, consistent and of superior quality. Support analysts are friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Implements continuous service improvement driven by analytics and solicitation of qualitative feedback.


Security & Training:

  • Supports risk management efforts by performing risk assessments and gap analysis.
  • Advises on HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule compliance.
  • Advises on Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance for credit and debit card processing.
  • Provides subject matter expertise in advising and assisting Corporate Compliance Committees on security policy and training initiatives.
  • Implementing safeguard solutions such as Mobile Device Management, encryption solutions, malware protection, web filtering, identity access management, and password management.
  • Supports staff development initiatives and learning management systems to including Gulf Coast University (GCU).
  • Conducts human resources, compliance and regulatory incident investigations.


Application Management:

  • Once an application is in use, maximizing its value to the organization becomes of paramount importance. Our team lends its industry experience and application expertise to ensure that you achieve the maximum value from your investment.
  • Ensure the consistency of practice among application users
  • Analyze current business practices for efficiency and areas of improvement.


Business Intelligence:

  • Collects, integrates, and stores company data into central repositories: data warehouses and data marts
  • Provides our clients access to our data repositories with analytics capabilities, data mining, and visualization
  • Leverages the data warehouse to compare current performance with historical trends: monthly comparisons with trend graphs and data grids.
  • Works with our clients to build reports, Key Performance Indicators, and dashboards: Labor distribution, Census, and AR
  • Provides capabilities to create reports’ subscription and on-demand access to data and reports.